Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hello Mr..

Ok why suddenly I miss u badly.
Mau jumpa kamu
But so far away
Tgk photo je la


By the way, my family will have vacation without me.
Sedih kan.
Bila belajar jauh2 and need sacrifice..huhu
Have fun, have safe journey

I'm sorry for being so annoying tonight readers.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Date day with ex-roomate..

We had a date last day.. Hmm on Friday? is it? X igt.hehe.
Dah lama x hang out dengan faizah.
So, here we are.
Motif g JJ nak cari sandel faizah.
Then finally beli kat summit.
Cantik.I like. hehe
After that, had dinner kat food court.
Me : Cantonese fried kuew tiaw + kopi ais
Faizah : Nasi goreng + Limau ais

Kenyang :D

Then around 8pm kot sampai blok..
Something occured kat wing sebelah.
Sheila mengigil sbb hydration.
Wait for ambulans.
Urgghh lama btol.
But finally, everything is fine.

Call Mr. Hisyam told him about that.
Sampai habis bateri hp beliau.Haha.


Have a nice day, peeps :)

Mak cik ni dok la jauh2.. x knl pon :(

kopi ais.i like.

Cantonese fried kuew tiaw

P/S Nervous dengan FYP :(

Pray for me peeps...

Sunday, 27 May 2012

miss u..

Hi my blog.. ada sihat. miss u alot.hehe

start my new episode

Ask mr. hisyam can i undeleted my blog..

can i activate my fb

please.. please..please


the answer is


Love u :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Microcontroller Project..


Done with our microcontroller project.. so tired. need more and more sleep please.
Got headache.
But so worthy la this project.
Getting nervous during presentation but doing my best
So glad, i can speak.
Of course i need to speak.Haha.. I mean my voice clear la time talk tu.
and can answer the question.Goreng sedap2 time jawab ni.hehe.
BTW Macamana tak nak nervous arini beberapa jam before presentation we done this project.
Igt tak jd dah but wan, our classmate help us.
Thank you.
The slide and report pon siap beberapa minit before present.
Rushing kan??

One more good news, our lecturer would like to buy this product with RM280!
More money if we touch up this product.
I will kalo ada masa
But now,I need sleep.

Talk about our product :

To build a music detector to be implemented for the safety of garden

Problem Background
The gardener or farmer are tend to let their farm or garden to be exposed to the animal since need to buy expensive equipment to protect their property

The operation of our device 
when something like paper or u can use ur hand to approach the ir sensor,
there will some music produce.
Different distance produce different note of music.
I will upload the video soon.

Group members without lia.hehe

For Mr. Hisyam :)

others group project

aeroplane application


dustbin that used microcontroller but not fully function

Awesome. At first, I think nak buat yang nie jugak but a bit complicated because don't have.... forget that name.hehe

ok, suddenly, stuck.Not function.Hehe

This one memang great one! Control ON OFF switch dari jauh.
Suitable for lazy person.Hehe

Tido time!

Have a great day peeps :D

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Actually dah lama tengok movie ni but i didn't realized that i save it in draft..haha.
Time ni belanja my ex-roomate for her 
birthday :)

for me, movie ni memang superb! 
actually apa2 cerita yg ada action2 ni sy suka.


Maggie Grace

Guy Pearce

Joseph Gilgun
benci sgt2 dengan watak ni. antagonise!

our wayang

miss nurul yg boncet

By the way, Mr. Hisyam done with his exam for PTD and PTN.
Hopefully, Mr. Hisyam get either one
He said maybe harapan for PTN lebih cerah
Yeah he's so confident since he's able to answer the exam this morning.hehe
Pray for you

Try imaging that if i have an opportunity to attend the exam for ptd or ptn, I think I'll refuse it.haha.
since, I really not interested with dasar2 kerajaan.
I'm really not know about Malaysia even though saya warga malaysia
shame of u..

Nite, love..

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Date Day with him

Yeah 15th May 2012.I love it.
Date day with Mr. Hisyam and guess what banyak rintangan btol nak kuar dari pagi. He's needing to finish his job first.Pastu ok la. Sambung tdo jap and the he's calling me.
Abah nak servis kete lak, mtk Mr. Hisyam tolong ambik.Tgu 1/2 jam dlu.Ok la.Pastu tiba2 x jadi lak servis kereta. Ok2.Then Mr, Hisyam dah sampai kat sini, bos call cakap x jmpe file lak. Urgent. Tunggu lagi 20mint.waaa dugaan.
But finally dapat juga keluar.Hehe.
Activity arini depenuhi dengan MAKAN!.
By the way after makan kat area the store, Mr Hisyam had nasi minyak, me had nasi lemak ayam then pergi karok dlu.Miss ur voice.Lame x dengar u nyanyi taw.
tapi x best karok kat situ since we need to stand up from our seat then choose the song.
Touch screen mmg dah moden.Tapi kc la remote kan senang.grrrr..
Then pergi Mesra mall lak. wayang time.hehe.
Best tapi part kissing2 ni terlampau banyak la. Segan lak tgk.
pas wayang , solat and then makan lagi.
Two nasi kukus ayam berempah.
Then ambik gambar pasport. 4 keping RM12 sahaja.
OTW balik singgah kedai rm2, beli barang mimi.Untuk ari guru esok lak dah.Beli la pen 5 set.
pastu g minum2 air kelapa and makan satar + otak2.
yeah2.We eat again.
Then beli barang untuk bawak balik malam ni.
will miss u a lot awak!
TQ for today :)

kemaman to JB at 11.00pm

Dark shadaow at 12.30pm

funny and sometime bored :p

vampire yang cute

tragic in dark shadow

he's said u look fat! How dare u.

He's said, ok2 yg ni nampak kurus.Haha

Tutup mata! snap 2nd pic ur eyes..

omg tutup lg! haha

my pic :)

Big apple for mimi, along, angah and my sis




I said, awk open ur eyes!

Pakse die bukak mata luas lagi.hehe

Food. Price? hmm i think quite expensive compare dekat kelantan.

OTW balik dilema lak. 
He's said, boleh x anta smpai court tenis je?
I said, nak kena penumbok anta la smpai situ.

so, he's sending me dekat area rumah la.Tapi bukan betol2 depan rumah la to avoid any gossip!

Start missing u already :(

I'm totally in love with you :)